I was sexually molested by three

I was sexually molested by three different men when I was younger. All of them close to me. I was never really scarred by it. So many women have intamacy issues later on in life when this happens but I don't. The only bad thing that happened to me after wards is the bad choice to just lose my virginity to a guy I didn't love when I was 15 just to get it out of the way. I've had s** with 5 men since then (I'm 21) and I've only really loved 2 (including the man I'm with now)
Sometimes I feel aweful that I don't suffer from being sexually molested becuase so many other women do. I feel guilty.
Now I sometimes want to play out rape or sexual abuse fantasys with my boyfriend, but I'm afraid to ask him cause he'll think its sick.

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  • My wife was molested by her own father, then her uncle. She made some poor decisions as a teen but other than that it has not really hurt her. The only bad part is she has kinda turned me into a pervert. We have our little role play s** games where I act like a dad coming into his daughter's room at nite. It has made for some very intense s**. I was also molested by a woman when I was 6. It did not cause me great harm. I think that most of the harm comes from the social stigma attached to molestation. If we thought nothing of a man taking his own daughter there would be a lot more daughters with healthy attitudes about s**. Take care of yourself and don't take on guilt or shame they don't belong to you.

  • ------------------> it about time that someone said the true about molesting i dont think it hurt alot of girls as bad as people tell them it hurt them it the 3 person that is the one telling them they will be all f*** up latter in life .....GOOD FOR YOU ...THANKS FOR THIS POST ..;-]

  • i think you are suffering, i also feel that the moment you push the envelope and this situation is out of your control you will see that you have been affected......why do so many women want to role play being raped????????100% of the women i have met have had that desire.........

  • Repressing sexual abuse can be detremental to your life. You may not feel like htis now, but you need to deal with your issues!

  • I'd love to help you reenact a rape scene..
    I'd just rape your a****** till i fill it up with cream and force you to eat my c*** afterwords..

  • ^ exactly right. molestation/rape affects people in different ways, there's no "right" or "wrong" reaction. the only thing wrong is what they did to you.

    and actually, a lot of women in general have rape fantasies. that's not at all abnormal. definitely talk to your bf about it.

  • Your desire to reenact them is probably a way of just coming to terms with them. Because with fantasies, even rape fantasies, you are always in charge. If your boyfriend loves and understands you and genuinely cares, thene he'll get that. If he writes you off as a freak, you don't need him anyway.

  • ooookay

  • I can help you out with your fantasies.

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