Pretty Girl: Callie Gilbert

It's the same routine every day.
I arise like the sun, and like the sun,
I'm there for everyone.
I put on my makeup, making sure all of it is in place.
I have people to impress.
My hair is like a statue's, it goes where it should and stays there.
My school friends love me, after all,
who doesn't want to be friends with the pretty girl?
It's the same routine every night,
Even when I get comfortable and take off my school clothes, I dress to impress.
I wait, because I know the popular guys in school will be shooting me that "hey cutie :)" booty call.
I play along, because, after all, who doesn't wish to feel wanted?
But that accepting, comfortable, made-up face isn't the face that describes me.
Because behind all the smiley texts, and the welcoming laughs,
there's a girl, just like the moon, that hides herself when everyone comes to see the sun.
-An original poem by CSC. :) Please give POSITIVE feedback and what you think, please keep your negative comments to yourself.

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  • Im speechless, wish I knew you more, but this is amazing. pleas write more. Good luck with life and college.

  • You seem like a great person, too bad after first semester we wont see each other very much... ;/ Great Poem btw

  • Omg callie this is amazing ...honestly omg its perfect.
    I never knew you from this side but its truly amazing.
    Just asking ... Whats CSC

  • good

  • Aww do you really think it's good?! Thank you!

    so good, i actually just submitted a poem too, but it didnt come up yet.

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