Misanthropic Vermin Promise

When the pets are gone, I will not be far behind. Sorry folks but humanity disappoints me and to be blunt, there is nothing that inspires me to live another day looking at you all. Mankind is bacteria infesting a huge rock in space. Were a plague. Tornados, Earthquakes, Tsunamis and Hurricanes - were being cleansed. I would rather cleanse myself because I realize we are a disease on all that is beautiful.

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  • Lmao I've tried to relate to people, aaannnddddd they just end up to be the worst scum of the earth lol. "Friends" have used me, "men" aswell lying about EVERYTHING. Ugh I dnt even wana think about it lol.

  • i feel the same way, sometimes. but when i lose my faith in humanity i go out and walk around, talk to people, give money to people who need it. give a little and the world will be a better place.

    As for the "cleansing"...disasters have always been around, and they always will. the only thing we can do is help the innocent people hurt by it, so they don't lose their faith in humanity as well.

    Good luck, please don't "cleanse" yourself, the world needs critics as much as it needs naive little jerks like me.

  • Get a puppy.

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