Women are destroying mankind.

Aug 13, 2020

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  • No, human beings are destroying the planet.

  • Is your mom a woman?

  • Your mom is a monkey in the woods

  • I agree, women are destroying this earth. It started with eve from the bible.

  • Boo hoo, cried the incel

  • Ok genius, how do suppose we exist as a species without women? Tard!

  • Then you are weak. You don't need a animal to survive.

  • Science is just a long scary word beginning with 'S' to stupid people like yourself

  • A lunatic with an access to either phone or computer

  • You women are stupid, im married to a wonderful man. i hate women with a passion, i dont want to talk to you or be a friend. i like to be enemies with women. i have power to destroy any woman that comes my way. stay away from me and my husband. and it will not be no death to you. you got it, then move on.

  • You obviously didn't have a supportive and loving female role model in your life. If you did, you wouldn't be sprouting such venom about and against women. You do realise don't you, we're all individuals regardless of our gender?

    Don't judge a person because of their gender. Judge a person on their individual character and nature.

    I'm judging your character, based on the confession you wrote. I'm not judging you, based off anything else. And to be honest, you seem like a very sad and broken hearted person, with deep issues. You don't appear to love yourself as a person. It's deeply sad.

    Instead of hating yourself, try to love yourself. It's a lengthy process, but not impossible. Only then, will you truly learn to forgive and let go of your hate/inner demons.

    Good luck

  • Me talk brutelike cuz me dumb. me hate women. me sit on my fat a$$ all day crying into me lace hankie cuz me hate women. me can't shut up about it, which is how you can tell me scared of b00bies. me live under rock. me scared of everything. me must come up with stupid response now. durrrrr

  • Who is your mom, i see why men dont deal with american women. these tulip dummies are pathectic. this bird is on some mental drugs.

  • Stupid response right on schedule ^__^

  • You must be dumb too.

  • You dumb

  • Man will rule over women. Trump will be president again.

  • LMAOOOOOOOOOOO at all of this! Especially the part where the moron can't stop calling their social superiors dumb. Hopefully you've crawled back under your mom's flappy tiddies and killed yourself.

  • I know. We have all the p****.

    Life is so much better when your sitting on a billion dollars

  • You women like white people... Steal kill to get where you wanted survive. Nick Cannon said it best. Savage and animals

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