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Back at the beginning of May I had a wife and a son and my son had a girlfriend. My son has just started junior high and his girlfriend is in the same grade.

Then we had a warm day and we were having a cookout. The ladies were in bikinis and we were in swim trunks and we all enjoyed the heat. I admired my wife's sweaty body (and my son's GF as well) and impulsively I licked her. Everyone laughed at that so I did it s bit more. Then my son's GF dared him to do it. And he did.

It's kind of strange what happened after that. My 's GF and me were like evil directors, ordering my son and wife to perform for us. They ended up making out, undressing, and having s** to our order while the girl and I molested each other, had s**, and ordered them on. It's all surreal.

From that day on, we've been a weird group. Outwardly normal, my wife is now sexually dominated by our son, and he's dominated by me and my girl. My son's GF is my GF now, and when she stays over (her parents believe she is being chaperoned), we have erotic games and fourways. I make love to my girl every day, and my son and wife are s******* constantly. It's like a honeymoon. or a p*** movie.



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  • LIAR! LIAR!Your pants on fire! I hope your d*** is burned to a crisp.

  • Junior high? Right. So in your sick twisted fantasy, you're a pedophile. You and your "wife" should be in jail.

  • No, because both my son and his GF are 22, but very dumb, that's why they are still in junior high... lol

  • That's vile

  • Crap

  • And then you woke up ....

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