I want to be a Punisher style vigilante and kill people who deserve it.

Ive known too many women (including the girl I am seeing now) who were victims of domestic and sexual abuse. The abusers in each case are mad dogs who need to be put down. I'm talking about women who WONT leave their abusers because they are afraid for their lives.

Whats worse is that our damn court system is too lenient...they either plea bargain to lesser charges or they parole out far too easily.

In the case of my girlfriend, her exes parents shipped him off to college in another state. He never even faced a courtroom, and you know he's probably abusing some other poor girl.

So what I'm proposing is to hunt down these rapists and abusers...and put a single .45 bullet through each of their heads. Abduct them in the dead of night, take them to a secluded area in the woods...make them dig their own grave. Then shoot them and bury them.

Sure it sounds monstrous at first....but just think of the lives I'd be saving. Women and children who wouldnt need to be afraid of abuse anymore.

No more beatings, no more rape.

It's totally worth the price of a few dead reprobates, dont you agree?

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  • Let me rape your victims first,than let me watch you kill them slowly.boy i am bad.but i did not want to be?ask me why?

  • I intend to rape vulgar/slutty women and I also know there will be feminine and hysterical boys like you on the way but it's fine I ll make you watch the rape before I kill you...

  • In order to stop a monster, do not become one.

  • ok, stop watching "dexter" its a great show, but you know the only reason he hasnt been caught yet??? its a tv show...its in the script. its a great idea, yes, but your going to be going to jail for homicide. .... go for it, but just know, you will be caught and you will go to jail. but, its a nice concept

  • I have punished someone, the guy burnt our house once, and after many years, it comes to me to get his ass, so I grabbed M14 assualt rifle and started shooting. I put 6 C4s bomb in his house and bombed it away with his body inside so no one could reconize him, and then I felt a good feeling, that I did a good thing, so then I grabbed a beef burger as a reward.

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