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I was molested and have never told anyone about it. i am depressed, i hate my life, and i am a very private person. in high school i was popular but i didn't have any real friends. i have always gotten good grades but never try. some days i don't eat or only eat once a day and run 4-8 miles. i feel ugly even though i know i am not. i am a b**** to the few people that are close to me. i get angry easily i resent my parents. my dad use to beat my mom. i haven't had real conversation with my dad since i was like 11, i blame my mom for not leaving my dad. i use to drink a lot in high school. i have a huge fear of failing. i have cheated in college exams. i am attracted to older men. i have never had a real relationship. i manipulate people with my looks. i pretend to be nice and happy when i am not. i consider myself a fake person.


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  • I'm so sorry you feel that way, anyways im not saying cheating isn't bad but those huge tests don't mean anything in the real world. You are probably in ten years gonna have a husband, huge house, nice paying job, and maybe some kids. I'm absolutely sure of it.

  • wow! a big lie! if any of your words are real then you will go to heaven. but if any of your words are not real u deserve h*** as you lie against someone you pretend as.

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