Why I Hate the Police

I hate the police...
5 months ago my ex boy friend showed up in my dorm room (completely sober) and beat me up when I wouldn't have s** with him. He then proceeded to hold me down and use my body. He left me crying on my bed but when the tears fell away I went to my campus police, wrote a statement, and asked them to do something. They promised that they would. I went to the Dr, I signed a medical release, I held myself together because they promised.
A week went by I didn't hear from them. And another. And another. I tried to call, and I tried to e-mail. And I tried getting in touch with every rank. After a summer of this I had my first meeting with them 3 and a half ago (4 1/2 months after this happened).
They made me tell them every detail about our s** life previous to the incident. Then they scolded me for telling my friends what had happened and made me give them all of the names and the numbers of every person that I told. (I do NOT want to involve my friends into this, it's not their issue and I need to deal with this on my own). They said I might not have a case because I didn't have evidence. I told them that I would have never gone through with this. Ever. If I had known.
They told me that I would hear from them in ten days. It's been almost thirty. I've tried calling. I've tried emailing I've tried going to the office. Nothing. I set up a meeting with the head of the Judicial Department. He told me it wasn't his place and to set up a meeting with two other references (one being the local rape crisis center) I have left them each two messages. Neither has called me back.
I tried to do the right thing, get closure. I'm in too deep to back out now. I'm in too deep for my own good. I have lost all trust for everyone around me. My friends are no help and my parents believe that this incident was my fault. I've never been unhappy to be alone, but I've never felt like there was NO body on this Earth that wasn't actively on my side. I don't know what to do.

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  • vigilante justice. post email and i will contact you. then i will need names and addresses of your ex bf and all of the officers you came into contact with. i have no problem wiping this type of scum from the face of the earth as i have done many times before.

  • Report them to the real police!Call the rape hotline in your city! Call the newspaper and tell them. Those jerks are trying to cover this up, so the school will not have a bad name.

    Also call a lawyer to see if you have a case against the campus police and the school.

    Good Luck!

  • That's awful. No victim should have to go through this, the police should be there to help, not make your life harder. Stay strong, you're doing the right thing by standing up <3

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