One fed up band geek....

I am seriously fed up with people.
Yes, we are band geeks. Yes, we are nerdy. Yes, we dance in the stands, sing out of tune, play wrong noted occasionally, sing the other team's pep songs, cheer for the wrong team sometimes, hope for a home team loss on occasion. But no, what we do is NOT easy. What we practice is NOT a walk in the park. We practice more than the dang football team. It looks a lot easier than it really is, marching. we have to stay in step while marching at absurdly fast tempos, know our notes, know articulation, know rhythms, know dynamics, know cues, watch the form, watch the drum major (often times both of which are in the TOTAlLY opposite direction), have impeccable marching style, stay on our toes, have good toe hight, have parallel shoulders, hold our horns up properly, know where to march, know when to step off or stop, know any flash moves (i.e. horn pops or dancing),count, listen to the people around you but not to the whole band to prevent phasin, stay in tune, watch intervals to prevent collisions, and do the horns up and down on time. Oh, and did I mention we have to do all of this PERFECTLY in time, or we will fall COMPLETELY apart which often would end in collisions. Not to mention the fact that instruments are NOT light. Especially low brass. It is not in fact easy to march 3 yard, doing a backwards slide, in 16 steps at a 132 tempo. It is not in fact easy to make straight lines, perfect curves, flawless arcs, or immaculate diagnals/boxes. It is not in fact easy to listen to the people next to you, and yourself, while ignoring the rest of the band. It is not in fact easy to march a perfect slide, turning your ENTIRE upper body one way while moving the other, when you're holding an instrument and playing. It is not in fact easy to stand at attentipn or horns up for an uncalled for amount of time, causing your arms to shake from being so tired. It is not in fact easy to be a band geek. We build up muscle, we sweat in the blazing heat, we get tired from practice, we have heat restrictions, we have some scary people working with us. Marching isn't as easy as everyone seems to think. We work a lot harder than you seem to think.
So next time you mess with our lines, you make fun of our members, you try to trip us down stairs, you break our form, you play during our show, you run through our practice, you throw things at us, you taunt us as we march by, next time I won't hesitate to trip you, step on you, punch you, hit you with my instrument, flick you off, or say nasty things right back. Next time, we'll see who's laughing. And I can guaruntee it won't be you.

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  • i was in band in school and that s*** was easy. if your really p***** beat some ass. 100$ says they will leave YOU alone.

  • Oh, wow, Simone. You must think you're so badass.

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