You and your family is pathetic

i spent five years of my life fighting for you. busting my neck, haveing people frown upon me becuase i wanted to be with you. i even diswoned my family for the sake of us being together, but you obviously dont give a damn.

Then theres your parents. the MOST PATHETIC parents i have ever met. For one they dont even like one another and "PRETEND" to be the best parents in the world. Heres a wake up call for you mother; YOU HUSBAND STEALS FROM YOU, hes been ripping you off for years! stealing your money behind your back. And for you Mother. you the most hypoocritical b**** i have evermet, you two faced b****. And you father.... honestly i wish some one would shoot him. i cant even think of the right degrading words to say about it because he is below the most disgusting rotting organism on this planet. you have horrible parents and i see know where your self centered hypocritical b****** attitude comes from. Good riddens i left you, who the h*** wants you or your parents as their family? A mother thats bipolar, and Father thats a child molester. and who the h*** would marry you..

Oh yeah and thanks for making my ex-bestfriend you new girlfriend, i hope you marry that s****. just so she can leave you in the end and cheat on you, cause c'mon your not the best looking guy out there SHES DONE WAY BETTER.

I hope your karma gets you, youve put me through h***, now its your turn you a******.

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  • Yeah the OP is the same person thats been b******* on a few of these posts.
    You must be one royal pain in the ass, something tells me you are never wrong, and always a victim.
    Oh, and ugly or not he got your ex best friend, whether she leaves him or not, he got her for a little while. No real comment on that part, just rubbing some salt in the wound.
    Read your post, really read it. If you sound like this all the time, no wonder you lose friends and dates.

  • I think karma may just have your sorry ass on its waiting list as well.

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