I am insecure

I am so incredibly insecure and nobody knows it. I'm 5'1 and I weigh 105 and I KNOW that it's not fat I know it's a good weight, but I always want to be skinnier and I am constantly comparing myself to everyone around me. I want bigger b****, a better butt, a skinnier toned figure, longer legs, tanner skin tone, blonde hair, toned stomach, hip bones, collar bones. All my friends change in front of eachother and shower together and it just hurts because I can't do that, I feel too insecure about my body. and it f****** sucks not being able to control it

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  • get real and learn to accept yourself. there will always be someone better looking or worse looking than you. accentuate and value your own best features.

  • ummm exercise?...B***-job, Butt-job, and For longer legs- have them broken and elongate ^_~

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