I wish I had never been born.

I honestly believe that my family would be better off and far more peaceful if I weren’t around to ruin everything, every conversation, every dinner time, every outing. I hate myself for it, but I don’t want to cut, because that would be more distressing for them. I don’t want to commit suicide because that would be worse. I just wish… that I could turn back the clock until I got it right, and if I couldn’t get it right, I wish that I had never been born.

Sometimes I swear I must have a mental illness. I just seem to hurt, and hurt and hurt those around me who I love. What is wrong with me? I need to move out of home soon, and stop destroying this family.

Now I know how my uncle feels as the crazy man that just f**** up the family that he loves.

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  • It really crashes me seeing things like this... Sometimes I feel that way too, believe it. And it hurts. It freaking hurts. But chin up, if you're here, you're here for a reason. Smile and do the most out of your life, because this is the only chance you have to have real fun ;) You matter, ok? Don't ever forget that.

  • I used to feel the same way as you. As the youngest of three, I always felt as if I had to be as good as my sisters. I tried hard, but I only ruined things. I felt as if I could never do anything right.but you know what, you never know how much you loved something until it is gone. You just need to accept that you are not perfect, and nobody is. Instead of finding faults in yourself, find your talents, your inner beauty. You don't have a mental illness, you just need to have more self acceptance. It might seem impossible, but just talk to your parents about your situation. About how you just feel like you can't do anything right. It helps them to understand your position. They can help you. Just trust them.

  • great just what we need another "F*** the World Emo a******" f*** off.

  • You know, this is part of the reason people DON'T want to live. Because when someone is trying to get help, the other person just laughs at them like they are crazy. You need to be more considerate of others' feelings. You know, karma can either help or hurt you.

  • I am very emphatic when someone writes a situation like yours. I know a friend who is doing the exact same thing to his family, but I still try to talk him out of the thoughts you are having. I can't tell you to stop thinking about wishing you were never born, but you should still try to do things to avoid destroying your family. If your parents do things that irritate you, try to avoid it. Quickly think about the bad things you will impose on them and don't mention a word it. You probably have urges to argue with them too (just a guess). Like I said, try not to start anything negative with them. Saying complimentary things doesn't hurt anyone. If all else fails, remove yourself from their lives for a few days. Ignore them if you have to. Just try to stay out of everything involving them and see if you still think your family would be better off without you.


  • Dude, im with u. I srsly feel the same way sometimes. And I also know ppl who feel the same way. The point is, that, we're still alive and you should be too. If you're like us and you think that good people like me don't deserve to be in this world and that it would be better off without you then, plz, stay alive. Just think of this as a test. That's what I do. And ppl like me feel the same way. Buuuut, if you're a serial killer or a psychopath, who ruins peoples' lives, or if you're a bully, you "should" kill yourself. One more psychopath outta this world would make this world a much better place for good people.

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