Is it worth the trouble

There is a girl I have admired from afar, but it is not in a stalkerish sense but in a sense that I won't get near her because she's out of reach and because every guy wants to be her man, I am barely noticeable within the mass of men.

She turns them down right and left, mostly because they are players, dogs, and idiots. All wanting the luxury her parents have provided for her but had her work hard for. Something I've learned not to expect at in sophomore year. Don't expect anything from your partner but love, trust, and respect. All I want is to get to know her and create a relationship with her.

She's an actress at my local theater, not that I will tell you where. She's a pretty lady, a charitable one too! I saw her at the shelter when my family decided to adopt a dog. She never noticed me though, of course because she was with a group of busy volunteers. She's famous in my local area and I'm shy to tell you who she is. She's met men who volunteered only to get close to her and "win" her. Stupid

Me? I am a high school senior, a hearing impaired guy with a dream to become famous somehow. Not that it will be impossible but certainly a hard path. My favorite quote "don't pray for an easy life, but the strength to endure a hard one." -apparently Bruce Lee. I never prayed for an easy life, because I had the strength to endure a hard one at the age of six, having parents arguing violently and being a social outcast at school. I've grown to wanna act, practicing in my head, In my room, I can bring out any emotion, because I've witnessed and experienced them all.

The reason I tell you this is because I know it's tough being an actor or a singer. But for her to notice me, I have to stand out from all the men and boys. To do so, I must do the one thing I have failed to begin doing at young age, become an actor. I mean, if she makes you wanna go that far just standing on that stage and volunteering, make you do the thing you've wanted to do since age nine. Is it worth going through with it just because I'm curious about her and am strangely drawn to her?

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