Why her

My lover has ended our affair because he has a new girlfriend, but now wants to tell me every details of their relationship.
My heart is breaking

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  • You were a bad girlfriend...be happy that you did not marry this guy.

  • What he's doing is completely thoughtless and pointless. And worse: it's cruel. For your own health and sanity, you need to tell him you don't want to know what's going on with the woman he left you for. I understand why you're allowing it: you want to maintain contact with him in the event he "comes to his senses", but the pain you'll experience in the meantime -- assuming of course that it ever happens -- is not worth whatever benefit you might receive if he returns. It will hurt to close off even THIS communication, I know, and it may even lead him to claim that YOU ended the relationship, but none of that matters in comparison to the heartache that will accrue. Don't let him do this to you, please.

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