I kissed my married boss

My boss flirts with everyone though he is married, this is the way he expresses himself. I always thought it was funny.
Two weeks ago things had started became more serious, we talked all day, mostly at nights. We said love words and one day at work he took me to a conversation and told me that he is in love me, he cant sleep at nights and barely eats. Did I mention that he is 45 and I'm 17.5?.
We became more serious, we started touching each other and talking even more. He even bought me gifts.
I always waited for his text because we couldn't talk when he was at home with his family.
Last night at work, he came behind me and kissed me like crazy, I didnt respond. And after work, he took me home, and we kissed, a lot of times.
Right now we know what is the right thing to do, but we don't want to do it.

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  • Well if you were my daughter, I'd readjust his genitalia with a shotgun and bust his profligate backside in court for messing with a minor.

  • You most likely need this man as the loving father he may be replacing as well as any additional loving benefits he is probably fulfilling & sharing for you & with you.. Furthermore, you're both enjoying the romance it provides.. I've dealt with counseling similar romances with a large age difference ; what must be acknowledged seriously is the trust you have for one another.. More importantly however, you must comprehend beyond dispute the love he professes for you. Although he is married and regardless how much or little he loves his partner, believe that love can & does exist beyond marriages.. Keep in mind how important you are to this man at this point in your life.. For all intents & purposes, you are indeed an adult. You are entitled to have the feelings you posses for this man. Furthermore, when this man whom we know you care for deeply decides it is time for you to share a bed with him, you will submit to him and sacrifice yourself to his needs & desires. In return you will become a woman and at his call for pleasing him, as women were created for.. This is a opportunity few girls have.. Consider yourself fortunate..

  • He is so clearly taking advantage of you. And you are in for a world of hurt. Because you're almost 18 and totally naive and impressionable. And you probably really like the attention and having this guy tell you how pretty you are..blah blah blah..And not saying you're not, but if you continue this you're probably going to fall in love and end up wasting years of your life, who will never leave his wife. Seriously, break it off. You will be so happy that you did. Think about this. If you can't tell your friends and family who you are dating, that should tell you something. Because when you really like someone, you want to shout it from the rooftops.

  • I agree with the last sentence you said. But I also believe that someday, somehow it will all change. I love him with all of my heart and he loves me too. He respects me and always asks me if I want to cut it off so I could think clearly about my future.

  • You're being used. That's it!

  • Almost 5 months after, I can defiantly tell you- he loves me!

  • Iā€™m curious, does he still love you šŸ˜‚

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