I had just broken up with my boyfriend when I met Brandon. At first he was really sweet and he'd do these amazing things for me. He was a really good cook and he was always nice to me. He called me beautiful and was so affectionate. He did do things that annoyed me though, like smoking weed so much that he couldn't remember some of our conversations and he'd say things that hurt me. (calling me fat although i know I am not, and he did apologize right after) he also talked a lot about himself and i always listened and was patient, gave my input and tried to comfort him. whenever i was upset though, he would say things like, aw ur sad. but not ask or try to help me. i was going through some really tough things, (my dad not being there, my best friend trying to kill himself) i was very emotional, i never let it interfere though. i was continuously nice to brandon. i really listened when he talked and cared about him. sometimes he'd ask questions twice and id realize he hadn't been listening at all to my answers. he distanced himself a little bit and didnt have much time for me once he started his senior year of high school. i am a sophmore. i really started to get sad about it, and i was very emotionally vulnerable. one time he finally put enough pressure on me that i gave in to having s** (and lost my virginity) with him. two days later i texted him and he didnt text back for several hours (that was normal though) he called me one night though and this is how it went

him: hey, i have to go to baseball in a couple minutes but i needed to call u real quick
me: okay
him: liz, i know what we have is great, but i have a different girlfriend now
him: sorry
me: ok
him: well
me: can we talk about this later please
him: sure
me: goodbye

i was so hurt. i feel like he never cared about me, i realized how got what he wanted and left me. he left me yesterday and i spent the entire night awake crying. i was a tiny bit depressed to begin with but this is jsut the icing on top of the cake. i called one of my friends and they didn't seem to care. they kept saying things like forget him and dont worry about it. i texted brandon this morning and said id really like to talk. i needed to tell him how much he hurt me. anyways, i only got one txt saying how busy he was w senior year and baseball and his new gf but hed try and find time. i txted bak and said id rly like some closure tho. it kills me to think about her. i dont know who hes dating, i assume its a senior and plus, knowing him shes probably a lot prettier n cooler than (sry my self esteem sounds so low) :( im just going insane thining about them spending time together and everything. theres a lot more i could say, like how he begged me to buy some lingerie i couldnt really afford and i had just finished bringing it up the stairs when he called to break up with me. im just so mad and hurt right now. please tell me what you think. sry my writing sounds so weird btw. my brain is kind of scattered after all this :(


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  • He's horrible, that's what I think. You sound like such a nice person and you ddnt deserve that happening to you. I think it's best to just try your best to forget. I know it's hard, especially after having s** with him. I had been with my ex for almost a year when I found out he cheated on me when we first started dating. I cried for nights and eventually just let it go. There's no point in being saddened at the thought of this girl he's with now. I know I was mad at one of the girls he had tried to get with but I don't know. I'm a junior now and she's in my classes and I feel horrible that I ever judged her without knowing her and she had refused his flirting. For the longest I was like you know, saying she was better and prettier, it just brings down your self esteem to do that to yourself! :( Do what you like to do for now- for me it was reading and watching movies but by all means, hang out with friends and even forgetting this situation for a minute is a huge accomplishment. When you're sure you're not as hurt about it anymore, you can confront him and have your closure. He's just a j*** for doing that to you, and you can be with someone better. When I forgave my boyfriend for cheating, I realized 'Why should I stay with someone who cheated when there's bound to be at least one person who wouldn't do that to me?' although that may not apply to your situation, I think it's important to remember that. He screwed up, there are better.

  • Thank u :'). thats really sweet of you to say. im sorry ur bf cheated on u btw :) glad ur better

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