Omnipotant being who created the universe for a laugh

I'm an infinitely old and infinitesimally young omnipotent being from here and nowhere. A few million years ago I was f****** about with the universe and thought it would be funny to create a race of beings with free will and all that other cool s***, the thing is I didn't EXCLUSIVELY create them, I just kind of set a few things in motion and utilised what already existed and, well being from a universe of infinite possibility... well, it's hard to explain but I kind of DIDN'T create the universe. Anyway, that's not really the problem, well it sort of is because now all these sentient creatures are waging wars against each other and arguing over who they think made them when they really evolved from goo that's been around for ages and even though I didn't really make them in the way they think I did, I didn't because I kind of don't exist, but I do. Anyway I'm finding Omnipotence really hard at the moment and just want all these little guys to stop being d****, what can I do?

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  • YOu really only need to do one thing, Big Kahuna. Make it physically painful to be an a$$shole. Maybe also have it cause sterility or an embarrassing rash or something. Your little primates will *finally* get their $hit together then, and with a quickness!

    Other than that, big fan here. Love your trees and lakes and stuff.

  • I have a better idea instead of telling him to grow up and stop being a d***, I would like for him to tell us where he thinks we came from. If anyone that believes in God is so wrong by the tome of your writing share your thoughts with us and tell us what makes sense to you. I bet you its alot of fun picking on something someone believes when you dont believe it but I bet it isn't so easy telling others what you believe for fear they might pick it to pieces just like your doing here. So please go ahead and share with us what you believe.

  • How can he possably tell us where he thinks we came from when he doesn't even know what he's talking about plus he doesn't know what to do thats why he's asking us "what can I do?"

  • First of all stop being the biggest d*** of all, because it's plain to see that you don't know your head from your ass, and just leave the little guys alone, them being little d***'s made in your image, they'll surely take care of their own destany and cease to exsit then you don't have to worry about them any more!!

  • If you are omnipotent, and kind of did but kind of didn't create us, we are all very screwed.

  • What can you do? Grow up.

  • Grow up...into YOUR ASS BEEYATCH

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