I saw him naked

He smiled at me, and I already pictured him on top of me.
We had one lunch together, and in a quick flash I saw all that we could be. I saw me over at his place drinking wine. I saw us dance. I saw us kiss. I heard myself moaning into his ears as he gave me the most amazing pleasure.

But we're just friends.

I don't want any of that to happen. I don't expect it to. I won't act on it or anything. I just thought about it. Allowed myself to imagine it and enjoy it. But that's it. Does that make me desperate? Does that make me incapable of being just friends with a handsome guy?
Did he, too, for just one split second, for probably a not-so-conscious moment, imagine me naked, imagine entering me? Even if he knows he'd never do it? Even if he doesn't really want to? I'd forgive that. I'd want to know that. Just to be reassured that it's normal and human and alright to want him even when I have no intentions, even when I know he is purely only just being nice and good and wonderful without other intentions.

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