Over analytical

I am strange. I over analyze everything. SO there is this guy I have been hanging out with.(keep in mind he and I just began hanging out about 5 weeks ago) He was supposed to be just a friend, unfortunately he is really hot, really smart, laid back fun, funny and I couldn't help hitting on him. Go figure he liked that so now we sometimes make out, 69, whatever but never actually hook up. SO being one to over think things, I noticed it when he stopped texting as much, then he was canceling hanging out or rushing out the door when we were hanging out. Then the content of the texts changed. We went from "good morning beautiful" and sweet dreams baby" and "I miss you, can't wait to see you!" to... well, actually at this point it is like pulling teeth to get more than a one word text out of him. Now to be fair when we first began hanging out we were both on break from school, not working very often and my kids were away for 2 weeks. SO I understand now that we are both back in school full time, we both are working 2 part time jobs and my children are home that life is more hectic and that I won't be receiving as many texts from anyone. But it's not about the quantity but the quality. I wasn't even gettin a good night anymore until I brought it up last night. THAT's another thing! We have almost hooked up several times, and I've either stopped it or he has or we don't have a condom. Don't ask me why but I guess we just weren't ready to go there. ANyway, last night i finally ask him if he has a condom, (i know he does because he has his bag with him and he always has condoms in his bag) yeah, no. Last night he said he din't have any!?!?!? Really? So, I asked him what happened to to them, not entirely sure what I'd get from him. We are just friends, I can't be too mad if he decided to use them with someone else. we did agree to "share". But then he tells me he was at his mother's house and she began going through his bag so he moved them and just forgot to put them back. Okay so I like him enough to want to believe him, but after being married for 6 years to a liar, well I am not inclined to do so. So here are my options. in order of believability in my mind 1) he's hooking up with someone else. in which case just tell me, we can still hook up if you're up for it, i'd just like to know that I am in fact sharing you 2) he doesn't want to hook up with me for whatever reason. Another case where I'd rather you just tell me you're not that into me... we can watch football drink beer, play beer pong that's cool with me 3) he doesn't actually like s**...? hahahahah yeah right 4) he's telling the truth and he really has just been busy, he is still into me,and he really didn't want a lecture from his mother so he removed the condoms from his bag and forgot to put them back... option 5 and the least likely... he likes me more than he thought he would, is trying to back off a little to stay focused in school and move forward with his career goals. He scared himself by moving too quickly in the beginning and is now trying to make sure he doesn't make any stupid decisions because of how much he likes me... yeah right! anyway, those are the options I see. After having re-looked at every situation as clearly and rationally as I can. Now there are factors that I haven't included so I am sorry but you won't have all of the variables for the equations but hey. I like him and I can't stop thinking about him. No I am not ready to date but when I am, man I would like it to be him I date. Hopefully my constant analysis of my relationships, people and situations doesn't ruin this one for me.

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