Mastrubating for CFNM wife and her friend

I was at a party with my wife and after a while she was already buzzed. She asked one of her friends at the party if she and her husband wanted to go to our place for a few drinks.
On the way there she told me that this was the friend that did the most touching at their CFNM parties her friends just started. She told me that they both wanted me and her friend's husband to mastrubate while they watched with their clothes on.
When we got to our place my wife said that we should play strip poker, and whoever got naked first would mastrubate while the other 3 watched.
The women told us that they would keep their clothes on, so when they lost they would take a shot of rum unstead of removing anything. They also agreeded that no wife could do anything to the other's husband unless the wife did it to her husband first.
Complicated, but we had never done this before. He and I said OK and I got the cards out. We were already a little buzzed and it wasn't too long before the wives started to get sloppy drunk.
When the other guy lost his last piece of clothing he said that the girls had to take another shot, then he would get naked and give them a show.
He stood in front of the women sitting the couch, and I was watching in a chair. They started telling him how hot he looked, and told him that they were in charge, and that he had to do whatever they told him.
Then his wife started running her fingers along the back of his thigh and on his rear, then told my wife she could touch him too, which she did, while they told him what they wanted to see him do.
After a while she told my wife it was OK to touch him anywhere, and they both were touching his erect p****. Then she told him to sit on the couch between them.
They were both touching him all over, then she told my wife that she wanted her to finish him off with a hand job. She said that she wanted to see his s**** shoot all over his chest.
My wife told me to get naked and mastrubate while she finished him off. He came all over his chest, then they both rubbed their hands on his s****, and her friend told my wife she could lick his member clean.
Then they told me to switch places and my wife told her friend that anything she did was OK. They were touching me all over, then her friend put her tounge on the tip of my member.
My wife whispered in my ear that she wanted me to keep stroking, and that she wanted to see my c** shoot on her friend's tounge.
It didn't take long after she said that for me to explode all over her face. After I came her friend just milked my member dry with her mouth as I watch the s**** froth on the side of her mouth.
After they left my wife asked me how turned on I got and asked if she could do everything she did to us during her CFNM parties. She said that she thinks it is so hot to be in control of a man and loves to watch him e******** on her terms.
I told her it was OK and that I was still interested in mastrubating for her friends again, and that we could do the CFNM thing together anytime she wanted to.

Mar 21, 2013

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