Should I move on

I've been talking to this guy for about a year and half now. We live about 2 hours from each other. We get along and love being with each other in every way. We basically act like a couple but without the title. My issue is I feel like he's taking advantage of the situation. I've been down there about ten times, and I have a full time job and a kid, so I arrange a lot to go and see him. Where its easier for him to come here but he's only been up here twice. I'm constantly paying for things, I think that’s not right. I dont think he's into me as much as I am with him. But we want each other in our lives, I’m hoping we stay together but im scared he doesn’t want that. Sometimes he uses words like "us and we" so i think things are going to be fine in the future. I guess I just want to know is this guy basically wasting my time and I cant see it, or should I stick it out?

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  • The man who raped me can't let go and wants me to love him but I can't. I never did. I love others. I always did love someone else and always will. nothing could make me love him. nothing. I wish he could see that and let go and let me move on. like just man up or be caught for what you are. i am moving on. i want to and that is that.

  • Well he not going be there for you so i would leave.....

  • It's been a year and a half, if you stick it out with him what are you hoping will happen? Do you even consider yourself in a committed relationship? Maybe it's time for a talk to see if you two really do have a future together. The biggest red flag - you're beginning to keep score. There should be balance in any relationship. Why is he not offering to pay for more things? Or make an effort to visit you more? It's one thing to go dutch, or pay for him on occasion but if you're always paying for things...that is something to note. He has it made, why would he want to change things? Talk with him. You know what you want in a man and a relationship, don't settle if it's not working.

  • Just let things happen.

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