What should I do. S** with best guy friend

My friend guy jay(who is 22 and I'm 23) recently moved like 10 minutes down the street from me.He's mixed but he looked way more white(acted more white) he was pail and had really nice hair and I'm your typical blonde We went to College together at fsu and where really close until he transferred schools for law.Now I see him like everyday all over again and we always hang out like everyday.We are really close like hes my guy best friend. He can't cook so ill make him something and we will always sit, talk and watch movies or just hang out. Never anything sexually.I'm single, he was not, But he never see's his girlfriend because he lives 5 hours away from her. So one night after a party jay was super wasted,he fell asleep on my couch so i left him there. So the next day he left and came back later and took me to dinner for not leaving him passed out drunk(this guy is loaded in money from inheritance and he's a lawyer).He took me to this really nice restaurant we ate and laughed. He was a real gentlemen as usually. He'd by my food, open the doors for me, pull my chairs out etc. He was just a great guy all around. He always told me how hot i was. So we went back to my place and watched tv. Then we started playing around(like play fighting)He's like really hot and hes buff he has a great body. So i noticed he had a b****. he looked like he a huge d***. So he picked me up threw me on the bed and it just got crazy from there. The best s** ever in life. he did everything right and was very passionate. Blew.My.Mind. I thought it was a dream. I hadn't had s** in like almost a 2yrs. its been like 2 weeks since and we hang out its still normal we seem closer. I'm really attracted to him and idk if taking it to the next level will ruin our friendship.He says if he didn't have a gf he would date me all the time. What should I do. He's the total package.

Oct 20, 2013

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  • He obviously likes you. F*** him again. Ask him to break up with the chick. If he was so in love with her he would: (A) not have moved 5 hours away, or (B) had brought her with him, or (C) not feel so motivated to spend time with you and f*** you. He's only human, not married and seems to like you a lot.
    Who knows, maybe he just wants to be friends-with-benefits.

  • The "total package" doesn't cheat on his girlfriend.

  • Very wisely put

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