Angry controlling stepfather

I hate my stepfather. My mom, 1/2 brother and me moved in with him 4 years ago and he hates me. He always calls me a b**** and says I should go die. He has threatened multiple times to kick me out of the house and I'm only barley 16 I was 15 the first time he threatened me. He beat me once I was black and blue for nearly a month. The cops got involved but never really did any thing. He drinks constantly and had 'depression' and anger management issues. He blew up at me for saying I know. He says I have attitude but I garentee that 85% of girls have more attitude than I do. He isn't allowing me to play sports wich I played long before he came around since I was 9. He won't listen to my mother either. If anyone has some advice for dealing with him I would apericiate it.

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  • Make some recordings of him when he is angry. Keep them in case you need to prove he is a drunken, angry, abusive loser. If he hits you leave your house and go to a relatives or friends and call the cops. Talk to your school about it as well. If you have aunts, do you think they can talk to your mom about it?

    You are 16? Date the biggest guy in your high school and bring him home to dinner often.

  • Sorry this is happening to you. This kind of stuff can change who you are, if you let it. Try not to let his behavior break you down. Does your mom ever step in the way of you two? He sounds like a giant bully. You can look at the depression, drinking and anger management issues from a different perspective and chalk it up to a very unhappy and immature adult who desperately needs help. But it doesn't excuse his behavior. Not really sure what your options are. Are you able to live with your father? or grandparents? Could you possibly live with a friend? For your part, whatever antagonizes him avoid doing that. If you think something is going to come out as attitude, avoid saying it to avoid conflict. Try to stay on top of your chores and do your part to bring in harmony to the household. Maybe you can get a pt job or try talking with your mother about going out for sports. Not sure why it's solely your stepfather's decision. Speak with you counselors and if he hits you have child services investigate again. Try to concentrate on school and get good grades. So you can move out an onto college.

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