The Urge

First off, a disclaimer. I have not and do not intend on doing the things described herein; this is solely the honest thoughts of someone, not the account of any act true or false. Don't be alarmed, and any resemblance to real events is solely coincedental.

I want to kill. Bad. Blood doesn't bother me. H***, nothing bothers me anymore. The three people I do give a rat's ass about are the only people who incite real, lasting emotions within me; everyone else is just there for filler, minute-long bursts of faux happiness, sadness, or anger... I'm especially good with anger. But I digress.

I think of so many people in the world who deserve death. I think of how pleasing it would be to cut them up into little pieces and send them away from society. Not for any moral reason, but simply because I know killing innocent people is wrong. Still, this "Urge" has invaded my thought to the point where my best friend, who I am also in love with, and the Urge are the only two things that are typically on my mind. No, I don't intend on killing anyone... I have no interest in prison. But I do admit that I would absolutely get a kick out of it. But I'd never feel guilty, I can almost guarantee you.

So, if I'd never feel guilty, why am I posting this? Because I'm proud of it! I feel as though I could be a total revolutionary, a dark hero, a knight of the shadow. If only it was that way... No, perhaps those who knew would look up to me, but those who didn't, and knew only that criminals were keeling over right and left, would accuse everyone and his dog of heresy, murder, conniving, treason, and every other major crime or disdain there is until they caught the "stupid b******", as they would call me, at which point they would take pity on me and beg my removal from jail.

But I still have no wish to go to prison, and my identity shall remain a sworn secret. Don't expect vigilantism to take any big leap now, because as I said, I'm not saying "ohlol lets go kil peopl." I'm saying I want to, and despite that, I don't.

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  • It is known among people who kill that they see their victims for the rest of their lives and are haunted by them - get some help f****** loser

  • I have been known to dream about pretending to be a 13 year old girl and get some dude to come to my house and whack him and cut him limb by limb . I am surprised no one has done that yet ?

  • If your going to kill kill the child molesters they need to go str9 to h***

  • So are you going to be a real life Dexter?

  • Oh, you don't know how tempting it is.

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