Closure through cheating

I broke up with my previous boyfriend and entered another relationship right after. But I continued to have s** with my ex a few times after but I figured it didn't matter since my new relationship was an LDR. Then I started to hate my ex and constantly fought with him because I still loved him even though he cheated on me (yes that's right.). I put all that behind me and never told my partner since I feel it maybe doesn't matter.
But my ex stayed over a while ago to comfort me about something. We ended up sharing the bed that I usually share with my partner even though I set up another bed for him, he pretty much manipulated me again.

I woke later in the night, he suffers from insomnia so he was awake too. But I was still partially asleep. We were cuddling as we fell asleep that way but he leant in and kissed me. I didn't respond the first time but he did it again and I did back a little. But the guilt was so bad. I didn't know what to do. I wanted it but I didn't.

After that we went back to sleep and then he left forever as I moved country. But from that short experience, I finally managed to reach closure and move on from him forever and he did the same.

It's improved my new relationship already and I feel so much better, but should I tell my partner what happened?

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  • F****** "no woman!" Are you serious?!
    Why tell your partner about your cheating past,when your relationship is going well?! Don't be a fool!! What's done is done and if you don't intend to cheat on him again,why reveal your past to him? He'll be hurt! What he doesn't know,won't hurt him!!
    Just don't cheat again.Leave it,as a one off,lapse in judgement!! I don't condone cheating,as I would never cheat on my partner.However,why ruin something good,just because you may feel guilty

  • Your a dumb s**** and I genuinely hope you die a very painful death.

  • If he doesn't hear it from your mouth and finds out what happened via another source, your relationship is done and he will drop you like a rock. Tell him now and he may forgive you course any other dirt you have you better come clean with that as well if you want him to be honest to.
    Take it from someone who's been in a similar position by that i mean the guy you cheated on.

  • NO!!!!!!

  • Never

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