I put acetone into my roomie's lotion.

I am the sort who is very considerate to others and when people cross me several times I lose it. Don't ever test my patience!

That stupid b**** talks loudly on the phone to her stupid bf, does things really loudly, turns the TV on at a loud volume all the while when I am still trying to sleep in the same room!!! It's as if I was invisible or she saw me as a piece of furniture! WTF.

She also tosses her stupid trash over every single available surface! Like I'm a an sort of OK and near tidy person and I try not to take up too much uneccessary space to put my junk so as not to encroach into other's spaces, but she doesn't give a damn! If there's a clear surface she'll put s*** on it, if my stuff is already on it, she'll push all my stuff into a crammy spot and place her f****** empty bakery paper bag etc!

So I try to tolerate and work around the issue, no use. So i nicely and politely tell her "Hey, it would be great if I could have a bit more space to put my stuff on my side of the room" or "Hey could you lower the/your volume a little? I'm trying to sleep thanks" with no hint of hostility or nasty tone at all! She will absent mindedly comply and be fine for the first hour but then after, every thing is back to square one!

Then just today, I caught a bad cough and had coughing fits just sporadically not the whole day, and she had the b**** to give me an annoyed attitude and say "What's wrong with you? You are so noisy!" O.M.G!!!! *internal explosion!! Flip table rage!!!*

So I had it, so I went to our shared bathroom where she threw all her s*** over 85% of the dresser, and with a bottle of nail polish remover in my hand, I picked her newest just opened face lotion ( for her stupid f***** up face) and put a few good drops into that bottle and shook it well (I also put an extra bit of toilet bowl water for good measure). I tested it to see if the smell could be suspicious but all was good! :)

So now everytime that b**** slaps that s*** on her face, I'm smiling inside, "Burn, b****. BURN!!! My your face fall off over time and you wont even know what hit you!" XD

Jul 27, 2014

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  • You need to REALLY think before you do something that lands you in prison. Sure she's loud, but she never physically harmed you. Be very careful about what you are doing. What goes around, comes around.

  • Oh god, another karma believer. How about this, OP was loud obnoxious b****'s "karma" for being one of those self-centered people who make other people's lives h***? If some c*** with no indoor voice, no sense of cleanliness and no boundaries dared to tell me my coughing was "omg 2 louddddd" for her, she'd get more than a couple of drops of acetone in her lotion.

  • I tried for ages to split with girl she just wouldnt take hints she insisted we go way 4 weekend i hated it i got up at 6 n the morning filled the toilet wit paper made a big t*** on top went home without paying bill i didnt hear from her again

  • Great stuf

  • Maybe it's time to get a new Roomie? Just sayin....

  • You are a loser. Your life must really suck so bad that you have to take it out on unsuspecting people.

    You are f****** pathetic - I hope someone catches you and beats your sorry ugly ass

  • You mean the way the roommate's life sucked so bad that she had to take it out on a captive audience (OP)? I thought all you delicate snowflakes liked to bleat about "karma", like the loser up top.

  • You suck too, you clearly didnt read and understand the context of the whole story. May u burn in h***.

  • Ur kind words mean alot

  • Actually its true my life sux, because that selfish witch made it miserable, at least you got that part right.

  • You should look up psychology of passive aggressive behavior. I'm being serious. It might help you understand how to deal with frustration more productively.

    I mean I feel your frustration, but sounds like you guys are sharing a really tight space. You should try to find a much more suitable roommate begore you kill each other. It 's not either of your guys' faults in reality- rents these days are ridiculous and making people live in such small spaces with no personal private space is hard to manage without clashes.

    What you did was hopefully harmless, but geeZ, it's normal to be driven crazy by roommates. Relax. If you are turning into a little seething gremlin of acid, why don't you just move before you start putting rat poison in her coffee? I mean anyone who loves their roommate just fine, is either lying, or has already buried their body in the basement.

  • If u only did 2 drops my guess nothing will happen
    U should put hair removal cream in her shampoo she will go bald ..lol

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