I caught a kid being a peeping Tom

I was house sitting at my sisters a few years ago, she has a big farmhouse across from a seedy trailer park (which I kinda like, saw lots of weird s*** happen there, ha) - she had a front porch that was screened in & I used to go out there when she wasn't home & watch p*** & j*** off. One night really late I was out there, like 2 a.m., I noticed something going on at the first trailer near the road, closest to my sister's house, it was a kid creeping around, he came to my side of the first trailer, looked in the window that had a light on, stood there playing with himself for a while & finally pulled down his BB shorts & started rubbing one out. I went in, got binoculars & watched him the rest of the time, took him about 10 minutes but blew his load right there, really awesome, still think about it.

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  • Real life p***, lol

  • Yup. sometimes sitting out on her porch you'd see the most f***** up things go on at that trailer park. I think the poorer people are the more fun they actually have, especially when it comes to being a little on the perverted side, which I'm 100% down with, ha.

  • I wonder what he was looking at ?

  • There's a younger couple that lives there, rednecky but hot at the same time, am sure he was watching whatever they were doing. Never saw anyone be a real peeping Tom before, much less take it to jerking off right then & there - but I was doing it pretty much in public too on the porch, just not looking in anyone's window, ha. Made me blow my load though, that's all that counts, him too - it was dark, all I know is he was a white kid, BB shorts and a wife beater - it was pretty late so assuming he was old enough to be out that late, hope so anyway, can't imagine an under age dude would have the b**** to do that, not til they get a little experience with whatever their perversion is later in life like the rest of us, haha.

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