Acts in my youth caused problems

Moms friend from church came to dinner once a month. We went to her house once a month. So we saw her and her husband every two weeks.
My dad did not like her much nor her husband. He put up with them to see mom happy.
That "see mom happy" kept me from tellign things.
Like the time her husband walks in on me in the bathroom. He made me let him see and touch and then suck me off. At age 12 that was a bit shocking for me. But if i said anything mom may not see her friend.
Then it got worse when her friend ask that I ride to the store with her. She pulled into the corn field and had a talk with me. Then she pulled my pants down and she sucked me off.
Got real confused after this one, why would she do this and her do this. The next dinner at her house, she left the ice cream in her aunts barn cooler. So we drove to get it. In the barn she gave me my first adult s**. She did all the work as if I were some movie star. She finished and I had finished long before her.
We got back and I had to pee, her husband came in, "lets make this one quick" and he sucked me again. He never did anything but suck me off.
I did not say anything about what she had done,, and I ask my older brother if he would have s** with her, He said if he had the chance sure he would. She was good looking and he would like to see her t***. I told him I had seen them and what she had done. I did NOT tell him what her husband had done.
he called me a liar and laughed.
I now worried if he would not believe me, who else would.
I went through this one each dinner visit. My dad and her husband got into an arguement over something. I think he was looking at my mom strange or made a comment.
To this day I have never told anyone this happened.

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  • Oh I am so sorry they took advantage of you this way. That is awful. Do not feel bad. These people were sick. Your dad probably sensed something wasnt right with them. I do hope you get some therapy to try work through it because that is sexual abuse & rape.

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