My Best Friend Is Better Than Me

Me and my best friend are actually pretty talented at singing. We both just recently auditioned for a singing group for the middle schools and high school in our district. I was nervous for my audition that day and was practicing non-stop. My audition was before my best friend and I couldn't wait to get it over with. When I got to my audition, I could feel my legs shaking as I sung Warrior by Demi Lovato. After I sang half of the song (he only wanted me to sing half of it), he had me do a couple of warm ups. Most of them were easy, but a couple of them were more difficult. At the end of the audition, he told me it was a good audition, but he didn't say it that enthusiastically. When I went home, I played on my laptop for awhile with my younger cousin. Then I heard my phone meow and vibrate at the same time (my ringtone is a cat XD). I saw my best friend's picture on my phone and answered it. I asked her how her audition went. She said "It went great! He told me I was great and said I was really good with music!" I could feel my smile fade as I told her I had to go. My grandma (my guardian) asked me what was wrong a couple of times, but I didn't answer. All I could feel was my heart beat skip a few beats and my depression kick in (I always have depression when school starts and it gets pretty bad). I finally told my grandma about what happened. I am going to be honest with you. I am not jealous of my friend. I never have been. I just think that my best friend is better than me.

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  • What really matters is that you did your best, don't let a grumpy judge get you down. Be happy, and for your friend, she may have been nervous about the audition as well, congratulate her. Don't let that audition get you down, and don't give up :)

  • Someone being better than you on one particular day doesn't make them better than you overall.

  • Sounds to me like you did your best. And to be honest, that's all you ever need to do in life. Nobody can ever rationally expect more (not even yourself). If your friend did better on that particular day, be happy for her -- and WITH her. There are now and will be things in both your lives that you are better at than she is. Make one of those things sharing in and encouraging the joy of others.

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