I love to be naked

My dad died when I was young so my mom and I moved in with her sister and family. There was no room to be prude. I saw my mom, aunt, uncle, and cousins naked tons of times. In fact, we had a small pond next to the woods by the fields and on hot summer days we would swim to cool off. I don't remember anyone ever wearing a suit. Just get in, splash around and get out.

Never once did I feel like someone was looking at me sexual, but it was the freest part of my life.

As I have grown, I hardly put on clothes when I'm home and I have found other friends who also enjoy being natural.

I can't wait for the day when nudity just is accepted as the way we look and who we are. I'm proud of me, why should I have to cover it up.


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  • When I was in my early teens, my divorced mum used to take me to a nudist colony in Germany for the summer holidays. The sight of her shaved pubes often turned me on. If she saw I had an erection, she would take me to our tent and blow me or let me have sexual intercourse with her as she would at home in England.

  • My family was always open about nudity also. I can remember camping with my family and myself (female), sister, mom and and dad in one tent all crawling into our sleeping bags and sleeping nude.

    My sister, who is younger used to crawl into my bed at night for comfort. We both usually slept naked. I agree that I never once thought about s** with anyone in my family, but having her warm body next to mine sure made me sleep soundly.

  • I want to live with you and your family I love being naked and clothes are just a burden

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