I love my boyfriend a lot, We've dated

I love my boyfriend a lot, We've dated for 3 years, lived together for one. He's not a bad guy, but things are changing, and I don't feel happy anymore, I want more out of my life. I want to leave him, I'll always love him, but things aren't the same between us anymore. I haven't cheated, I've been true to him, its nothing like that. I just love him in that way you'll always love someone who is special to you, Am I a bad person? Is it wrong for me to want to be happy without him?

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  • ^Hit a nerve did I? Wow and what a great way to silence me, spelling f*** with all capital letters. Good job there.

  • ^^Shut the F*** up, Loser

  • ^You must have the most romantic relationship ever! I mean its amazing that you and every other 'happy' couple wanna make sure everyone else drowns in your collective misery, I bet I know what you did today, I bet you talked about your days, had dinner, watched tv and went to bed. I mean it must be really romantic to realize you're not happy with who you are with but stay with them for fear of being alone. She's a big girl, and she made her decision, now go have your boring life and leave her alone.

  • The first two commenters are right. You are going to realize after it's all said and done that you made a mistake. Because this is a common cycle people in relationships go through. Especially when you are living with someone. You'll find out when another woman is enjoying what should have been yours. But you seem like you have your mind made up already so that's that.

  • What part of 'more out of life' are you waiting to happen? You want to hit more bars? Have more platonic relationships with others?

  • ^ You probably know nothing about how love works. Just because you date one person for a while does not mean they are the only one. Who says she wants to settle down into some boring miserable life like yours? Maybe she wants to travel and live life instead of sitting around with the same person day after day. You don't care if she is unhappy or not, you're just one of those deluded "Oh the only way for everyone to be happy is to have their one and only!" And Poster , no, you're not a bad person at all. couples can outgrow each other, or simply realize that they don't desire each other anymore in a romantic way. Have fun, and send a post sometime to let me know how things are going!

  • ^^ commentor 3 is WRONG.....You're going to find out someday you'll feel the same way about the next guy....eventually.....Good luck ever settling down.....BECAUSE LOVE just doesn't work that way......

  • Poster # 3, I think you're right, I think I do want to leave him. Oh god, its gonna be hard and there are some great things about him, but if I stay I just won't be happy. I don't think I'm gonna date anyone for a while after this. I do have a little saved up, doing the travel thing sounds like a good idea. ((hugs)) thank you, so much. I might try it tomorrow, I still wonder if I'm a bad person.

  • If you aren't happy, you should leave. these people mean well, they want you to be happy and stay with someone who loves you.
    Its not him its YOU? No, its both of you. I can almost guarantee you're not happy and suppressing how you feel in front of him. You've wanted to leave for some time, but are scared of hurting him, am I right?
    He's in denial, I'll almost bet you. So long as you fake happiness, he can keep believing it too.
    You seem like a sweet person, if you're not happy, I mean really, then leave. Be kind to him in the breakup, but let him know how you feel. Then go and travel or work a little more, it won't kill the pain, but it'll give you something to preoccupy your time with.
    Don't stay in this cause you don't want to hurt him, you have to think of yourself too.

  • ^^Agreed. Sweety, you may think you have lost something, but I am telling you, you haven't. It's part of the process. I suggest as the previous commentor, try some time apart.. It doesn't matter if its this relationship or the next, eventually, all couples come to this stage....You just need time to realize it.....It's not him, its YOU.....Don't blow this thing you have....You'll regret it someday when you're in another relationship that feels the same way!!

  • Try spending some time apart, to get your thoughts together. Even married people get tired of seeing each other all the time. Sometimes you need a break.

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