The worst summer ever pt 1

(This post is rather long)
I live in Pittsburg Texas (located in east texas) which is in the middle of Mount Pleasant TX and Gilmer TX. Im hispanic btw.

In High School I had beef (a rivalry) with a boy named Omar. We started off as friends in 6th grade kinda broke apart during 8th grade. He moved to Mount Pleasant for a year then came back in the 10th grade where he started talking s*** about me. We hurled insults at each other almost got in a fight that year.

When 10th grade was over I learned that he moved over the summer. So our beef ended although I considered it a ceasefire. I would occasionally look at his facebook profile.

Years passed and the year of 2014 was a bad experience for many reasons. An arrogant s******* brother. Unconcerned parents. Not many friends. And I got bullied by a bodybuilding douchebag. Angered and humiliated I decided to avenge my punking out by reigniting the beef I once had with Omar. First I created a fake profile. Then I sent him a hateful message on facebook. He didnt respond. I sent him a second message and he finally responded: Who the f### is this? I replied back: Read the profile name Dumb###!

We started having online arguments every day. But I had no idea things were about to get worse.

A friend of mine named Chris invited me to go to a party in MP. I decided to go with him since I heard there was sposed to be a lotta hot girls at the party. He picked me up with a friend of his named Tony (skinny white guy). The party was at a culdesac in the outskirts of MP.

When we got to the party Chris went to go talk to a girl that hed been chatting with for a week and they went to the restroom. The party consisted of mostly mexicans, 30% white, and 3 black guys. They had a stereo system playing hip hop music, and there was a ping pong table set up where lots of popular kids were playing “beer pong”, a crude drinking game.

There were hardly any girls at the party. The ones that were there were already talking to other men and I wasnt about to butt in. I drank 2 bottles of beer hoping it would increase my confidence. It did make me feel a bit better considering what a s***** week I had.

I had been hoping that a girl would walk close to me so I could chat her up. But this did not happen. Tony left me to go smoke in the car and left me by myself. I sat awkwardly on the sofa for a bit, realizing how pathetic I looked all by myself when everyone was partying around me. To calm down, I went to the backyard which was a huge empty pasture with trees. I walked around in the woods for a while before I decided to get another beer.

As my frustration grew, so did my anger. As I walked to the back of the house I came across none other than Omar talking to a cute girl. The sight of that filled me with rage. My summer was complete s*** and here he was smiling and flirting with a girl. I never had that kind of attention from a girl! How could this a****** attract the attention of a girl, while I never had any attention from them? I thought with rage. I glared at them for a bit, and then decided to end the beef for good.

I angrily walked toward them and yelled at him "What the f*** are you are you looking at?!", trying to look like a badass for the girl. He started to talk as I told him to shut the f*** up 5 times. Then I spat at his face. For a while it seemed like time stopped. Everyone seemed to be looking in our direction. Then I punched him.

I wouldnt stop hitting him. He only hit me once in the stomach but I didnt feel it too much. Soon he was on the ground but before I could punch him, someone caught my arm. Horrified I turned around to see a fist hit my face. I fell to the ground. I got up and noticed that 3 of Omars friends came to his rescue. hat night. A dark, hate-fueled rage overcame my entire body, and I tried to push as many of them as I could from 5-foot ditch. I failed to push any of them from the ledge, and the boys started to push me, which resulted in me being the one to fall onto the mud. When I landed, I felt like my arm was electrified. The whole crowd Ooooed and jeered at me. I slowly got up and my arm hurt like h***. I had to escape, and escape I did. I tried to get away from there as fast as I could.

As I made my way toward Chris' car, I realized that my cell phone was missing. I had to get it back. I turned around and staggered back towards the party. At that point, I was so drunk that I forgot where the party was, and ended up walking to the wrong house. The 5 people in this house must have been friends with the ones I previously fought with, for they said "Hey look! Its our favorite little b****! Whats up fa****?!". They called me names like “Q****” and “p****”, typical things those types of scumbags would say. They all looked like Jersey Shore rejects (but were mexicans). A whole group of the thugs came up and dragged me onto their driveway, pushing and slapping the back of my head. Go to pt 2

Mar 4, 2015

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