29 Year old virgin

I'm 29 years old and I'm still a virgin. By no means am I embarrassed of this, because this is a conscious decision that i've made and i can change it at anytime. That being said, I'm starting to think that I will never experience intimacy. I am very traditional. I think intimacy is something you share with someone you care deeply for.

With all that mentioned, I have met only a handful of people who I have been attracted to, all of who were never available.---They were always married.

At this point, I'm starting to think that it is all a lost cause, and I should just give it up, to get what I want---I want a man to use me so good. Where behind closed doors, my mouth and p ussy are just holes for him to use. Me sucking and drooling on c ock. Getting slapped in the face with c ock, getting c um all over my face. Making a complete mess of my face and mouth, using me and making me feeling like my only exist because of his c ock.

With that said. how old were you when you found the one.

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  • You can change it any time can you?

  • I was 16 and loved it, I'm 30 and had 10 lovers, s** is fun. The attitude you have you will be 49 and asking the same question

  • There is no such thing as the "one". Chances are you will fuc k a guy and will be curious what you miss out on and end up cheating. You dont even know what it feels like to have ok s**. And wonderful s**. If you are curious about getting dic k slapped. You will likely marry a prude and have prude s**. Fuc k as many people as you can safely and discreetly. Then when you meet that person make sure he fuc ks you good. Settle down and have kids.

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