My mother did nothing...

My mother has had bipolar for a very long time. She has been unmediated of her own free will for over a year and has not only estranged herself from family but has verbally attacked me and my husband. A few hours ago, she admitted (in one of her attacks on her husband, my stepfather) that she was well aware of his "gawking" at me and "touchy-feely"ness when I was younger (I am now 33). I thought I would never be strong enough to admit it but...I believe I was molested by him as a child. While I have blocked out a good portion of some of the memories, I still recall him touching my (nonexistent) chest, saying he didn't know how to play with girls. I remember taking naps on the couch or on the rug and being vaguely aware of him watching me sleep and something - his thumb, p****? - pressed against my lips. I don't know what, because I always pretended I was sleeping when it happened. He trapsed around the house in nothing but his house robe, would do his business in the bathroom with the door open, walked around naked, dressed with the bedroom door open. As I grew older and became a teenager, I began feeling like he was watching me through the gap in the door that led to my bedroom. I could hear him walk away the moment I went to my door to see if he was watching. As an adult, I felt uncomfortable when he so much as hugged me (because I could feel his hands trying to go towards my chest) and or put his hands on my back (because he would try to touch my butt). I brought up his looking (never the other stuff) to my mother. I used to think that maybe my mom was in denial, was unaware or...something. Never would I have ever imagined that she willingly ignored everything, that she let these things happen...and she admitted it to me and then wanted me to "get back at him". MY MOTHER DID NOTHING TO STOP IT! I am so p***** and hurt and I f****** hate that b****. I don't care that she is ill...she is a pathetic piece of s*** just as bad, if not worse than the piece of sad s*** she married. I don't know if any of this makes sense. I just needed to get it out there. My husband only knows a small piece of it. You now know more than he does.

Dec 15, 2015

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  • So sorry this has happened to you. Contact Take care of you!

  • You mom is a B:tch and I wouldn't forgive her! She knew what was going on and did nothing to stop it! She's sad

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