Addicted to gaining fetish

I'm 33 and was diagnosed with diabetes a year ago. I really have no symptoms, other than my blood sugar is high. I'm into gaining weight on purpose; it's a great turn on, especially since my boyfriend is into it too, and encourages my to keep getting fatter. (Currently 384 pounds at 5"8"). My doctor gave me pills, but they are too expensive, so I don't take anything and just keep eating what I like. Like I said, I feel just fine! For example, on Chirstmas, I had ½ pound bacon, 4 eggs, 6 pancakes, 2 cinnamon rolls, OJ, and 3 coffees with cream and sugar for breakfast. Then I snacked on sweets until lunch, which consisted of the left-over half a roast chicken, a whole frozen 12" pizza, 2 large glasses of coke, and then I attacked the box of See's candies. I ate the whole box, with my bf feeding them too my until I was ready to burst. For dinner, we went to my sisters', who had a whole feast of turkey with all the trimmings. I ate until I couldn't eat another bite. Then we had cake for dessert. When we got home, my bf got out the ice cream, and shoveled a whole half pint into my pie hole. As I lay exhausted on the sofa, we f*****. Then we had a brandy nightcap and smoked cigars. Now, tell me, what's wrong with having that much fun?

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  • As long as you don't feel any bad symptoms, I say go for it and have fund getting fat. Sometimes doctors treat stuff just because they can. B y the way, my wife and I have been married for 17 years, and over thattime she has gained around 250--not intentionally--she just eats what she wants. Lately got a little high blood sugar, but we aren't worrying about it either.

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