I love you.... I hope you know that... We've met in history class before. Had a secret to tell you that I had a crush on you,but I was to scared to tell you. You always said," You may think I'm bad but I'm actually not". Ever since I saw you there making me laugh and having those good times.... Everything changed.... My friends forced me to tell you that I liked you. So I did but you didn't excepted my feelings. After that day you told everyone that I liked you and all that stuff. Now you won't talk to me, smile at me, make me laugh, or even look at me. You avoid me ever since. But now we are in are own path. You were like a drug to me... You are dating girl that I hate. She post stuff on Instagram about you, which makes me want to cry... I miss you... I get jealouse sometimes.... When it's time to go home I saw you at the school gate kissing her so I just look for a second with a blurry vision and just ran home... You meant the world to me... I love you... Please come back... I just don't know what to do without you... I'm empty. Suffering from anxiety and depression. Everyday I see you with her my soul rips apart very slowly and painfully. Help me. Come back please.... I miss you....

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  • Man, this triggered my emotions I really feel sorry for you

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