Is there anything good that can be said for Islam?

Reading the Qu'ran I see a poor copy of the old and new testaments of the christian bible. The Islamic versions of these stories do not jive with the Torah or the Christian bible. I see more than a dash of paganism in the Qu'ran but I admit you find paganism in the New testament too.

Having said that wy should anyone convert from Christianity to Islam? Islam seems to be a half assed copy of older and much better faiths.

Islam seems to appeal to murderers and baby f******. Its a pedophile religion that I personally distance myself from. This started with their cut throat Prophet Muhammad. I mean that guy liked little girls big time. He was actually going to marry a baby girl just before he died. That would have been a wedding night I definitely wouldn't want to see.

The free world has no place for Islam so why allow these perverts into our country? We have enough losers here already.

Jun 14, 2016

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  • Islam only requires you to believe in God. Christianity asks you to believe that God f**** virgins and kills his children.

  • Loved ones dying is hard to deal's still not worth all the extra manipulation and nonsense that comes along with it...believing something without legit proof is not a good thing it's just plain stupid think for yourself come to your own conclusions

  • Where did you even get any of these information? Most of what you said are offensive and biased. Islam rejects paedophilia and Prophet Muhammad did not intend to marry a baby girl before he died. If the free world has no place for Islam, then it is not a free world anymore.

  • Die you f****** muslum 🐷

  • All religion is f****** evil at the core just used to control and manipulate stupid weak people

  • I'm sure the same can be said for any religion. If the world wants real equality which would lead to freedom, then any religion has no place. Equality will never truly happen well there are diffeances that can be fixed

  • STOP THE HATE - NOW! You are simply a puppet of brainwashing. Stop the hate now!!!

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