Is it bad?

I don't believe in God. But, I believe in parallel universes and reincarnation. Is that weird?
My mom is kinda religious. Some of my friends arent totally religious, but still believe in God.
Today when we talked about something like 'What happens after death?'.
I said my therory of like 'What if there are other universes and when we die we go to one?' And they legitimately started bullying me about it.
Is it bad that I don't believe in God?

Aug 30

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  • It's not a choice. You either believe or not. Agnostics are the only people who have their finger on the pulse.

  • While I do believe that your life would be better if you chose to believe in God, that decision is yours alone and you should not feel pressured to do so or called out if you don't. It is the most personal and most fundamental of all decisions. Don't allow anyone to hurry you or hound you into a decision either way. You'll make the right choice. Be well!

  • No, we have free will (God's choice for us), so you can certainly believe anything you wish. Many millions or billions of atheists or agnostics do not believe. I'm very sorry you were mocked or badgered so badly that you were hurt by it. True believers understand that religion in general and our faith in particular are not benefited by attacks on those who honestly and honorably elect not to believe in God. For Christians in particular, they should know that Christ's teachings were not designed or intended to wound or embarrass: they were lessons in forgiveness and love, two things sorely lacking in the world . . . then and now. Please let me personally apologize for your treatment at the hands of some of my brothers or sisters. Had i been present, I would have surely intervened and either (1) found a way to allow you to explain your thoughts (if you'd chosen to do so at that moment) and offered to listen one-on-one to your ideas, oranswer any questions you might have about what I believe.

  • Christians sort of have a reputation for attacking people who don't believe as they do, and you know it. Do you intervene on a daily basis? You'd have to with all those judgmental religiots around. I doubt you actually do.

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