First world problems of an idiot

Okay so I just wanted someone to quiet my mind
Last year I dated this seriously cute, kind and amazing guy, who I had had a crush on for ages. Generally my crushes just go away (I dunno, people seem to find my quietness intimidating) , so I rarely date. This guy actually managed to ignore my weirdness and ask me out, and we got on really well.
Anyway, we only dated for about a month but during that time I started freaking out, god knows why, and thinking that I didn't in fact like this guy. So being inexperienced in the art of dating, I just started to ignore him. Then I went to the next level and friendzoned him.
So I was pretty happy with that, then after a month or two I started missing him, then he got a girlfriend again and all my chances diminished. Now we barely talk, and when we do it's like we both go into sarcastic defence mode and just come across as bitchy. I miss him heaps and literally think about him every day but now thanks to a seriously f***** up and senseless decision, I can't do anything about it.
Anyone else had a similar problem? I just wanted someone to tell me that I should get over it or give me some advice I spose. Honestly, anything would be appreciated.

Jul 30, 2016

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  • I find quietness intimidating said noo one lol

  • Actually, stupid people do find it threatening. They call themselves extroverts, but the more accurate term is "drama queen/attention w.h.o.r.e combo." If noise isn't happening they get very threatened

  • When you are young you make mistakes like not being willing to tell the other person straight up.

    Then when you are older, you tell the person straight up and then you regret that too.

    Love and people are so dam complicated.

  • Damn straight :D but thanks

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