I want him

I want him!!! She's such a selfish, emotional, childish, difficult, non-sexual, indecisive, immature, clingy woman 90% of the time!! I want him and I'd take exceptional care of him. Some women seriously need to open their eyes and step up their game.

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  • Giv gim good head and youl get him

  • And I just did.... so we shall see ;)

  • You are a horrible person!

  • I am but I probably have way more fun than you do.

  • So why don't you tell her??

  • I think I should tell him, but I won't. They need to sort out their own disaster.

  • You should tell her, and let her save it! That's what friends do!

  • Will do

  • So sticking his D*** in your mouth is telling her? WoW strange kind of language you are talking...you know he is going to do the same thing to you right?

  • Not all that concerned to be honest.

  • You are right most ladies havnt a clue they need to take care of their figure their style and get down on their knees and care for their man

  • Bet you are miss perfect who only knows his Side of the story!

  • And you'd be wrong on all accounts. I'm not perfect and I fully know the entire story from both sides.

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