My sister takes her pony

My fat sister got a pony for her birthday one day i went out to the stable as i was waiting up i could hear her from out side i win in and found her on her back on a stack of boxes and the pony was riding her . I could see it d*** saming her p**** it looked like it was going halfway in and she sounds like she was loveling . I drop my pants and started j********** watch her p**** taking the big d*** . After a short time i was ready to c** so i step out from behind the pony my sister seen me and started freaking out and trying to get up . But her pony had her pined i walked up to as she was complaining about my d*** in her face i cam all over her face and in her open mouth she said she till mom and i was playing with one of her big ass b**** that was hanging out for under the pony . I ask her wat that i nutted on u will u was talking it from your pony thin i licked her nipple thin walked behind the pony and rubbed her c*** until she went into another o****** thin i left as i walk out i could hear the pony make a different sounds i assumed it had gotten off i never heard anything else about what had happened



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  • One more story Go stand on the train tracks and wait.

  • One more train maybe u should try it if that's all u can come up with

  • Well first my name is not Gregory, But I am the train tracks guy and I state that on every one of his sickfucking posts. So he knows we can spot his story every time. Also since he is a sickfuck I can always hope he will take my advice and do it. I admit to trolling incest and pedo confessions too. Because they are so so sickfucking I hate it and hopes that when I do It wrecks anyone who is pleasuring themselves fun time.

  • Too chicken to use your name any more, Gregory? Just stop posting, you're too retarded even for this site

  • Please learn to spell. It is obvious from your poor grammar and spelling which of the multiple fake stories you have posted on this site.

  • Too bad you suck at both lying and English :)

  • How big is she???

  • Pony or sister?
    Pony is 4 HH and sister is a size 18

  • She have an hourglass figure?

  • I guess so, but I'd say just chunky

  • How big is she?

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