Maintaining long distance relationships is quite a challenging task. As we are not able to see each other frequently, it's irritating and an upsetting factor too. At various moments,i t makes us feel as if it is a burden. But when you love each other passionately, you want this relationship to work,and I always wanted to make it work yet so many obligations can't keep pace ... Various thoughts at times hit hard to just give up everything and run....

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  • U need a spare c*** at home

  • Yes i have that

  • A******

  • Lemme just tell you: there's no p**** good enough to wait for. Move on.

  • Long distance relationships are so hard that they're almost doomed from the start. I've been in two, and in both instances, the guy started cheating early on. In the first, I hung in, hoping he'd end the other relationships he got involved in, but after a year or more, I gave up. With the second, my patience quickly came to an end after I discovered he was f****** a friend of mine nearly every night. I said sayonara. I hope yours turns out much better.

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