My fault?

The first sexual encounter I ever had was with a guy my friends older brother actually it wasn't a consented one either when I was about 10 my friends and I were playing in the woods and he found me alone he talks to me for a little while before pulling out his junk Infront of me I asked what the h*** he was doing and he then began to threaten me he wanted to suck my c*** when I told him no he threatend me more him being much larger then me at the time just grabbed me and stripped me down well the rest you can imagine.. I spent years telling my self it was my fault and telling my self something was wrong with me.. I thought it meant I was gay and it ate at me.. I'm older and know it was not my fault but wish I had told some one back then.. let me just say I hope I never find him now..

Sep 14, 2016

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  • U should take up suckn d*** full time

  • Random question, how old are you now?

  • 67 and stil love suckn

  • It wasnt ur fault just boys being boys

  • It was nobodies fault young guy stiff c*** no girl it had 2 go somewhere

  • When i was 12 s 13 a man used 2 giv me hand job i loved it nevr told anybody

  • No I have not had s** with men since..

  • U should try s** with men its good i love girls but i hav had a few men and like it

  • Hav u fuckd men since was it nicf

  • Did u enjoy did u hav erection

  • Of course i enjoyed

  • It sucks that happened to you. At least you understand it wasn't your fault. He's sick for doing something like that.
    Stay strong! <3

  • I had 2 suck he made me

  • I agree wit above u suck thats wht happened

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