Fat wife, skinny curiosity

My wife is fat. That's not a complaint. I've always loved chubby girls with big t*** and big a****. Before her, I had s** with three other girls, and they were all chubby. I love feeling a fleshy body on top of me and grabbing a hold. Recently at a family function, I hugged my wife's cousin who is very skinny. The gathering was loud, so when we hugged, she kept close to me a little longer to tell me something. I had my arm around her back with my hand at her hip for maybe ten seconds as she told me something I probably didn't even care about. All I could focus on was feeling her bony hip and her bony spine. One of her perky little b**** was pressed right into my chest. There was even something elegant about her slender arms wrapped around me. I wasn't enough for me to change teams, but it definitely stuck in my mind. That night I found pictures of her in a bikini and jerked off to them. I developed an overwhelming curiosity to see what it's like to f*** a skinny girl. There's a girl who hangs out at a bar I go to and flirts with me, and she's also very skinny. I always thought she was a little trashy and didn't think much of her, but she's still definitely pretty. And if the rumors were true, I knew it wouldn't be much of a challenge. She usually drinks too much and gets an Uber when she leaves, but one night I bought her another drink and said her my place is on my way home (it isn't). While we were in the car she kept telling me how sweet I was for doing this. I said it was no problem and put my hand on her leg. I ran my hand back and forth from her knee up the inside of her thigh. She responded by putting her hand on my d***, which was rock hard at this point. We went up to her apartment and had s** (yes, I had a condom). I ran my hands all over her body and pulled her in close. I wanted to feel every square inch of her, knowing this would be the only time this would ever happen. And it was. She fell asleep and I went home. The next morning my fat wife complained that I was at the bar so late. I put my arms around her and grabbed her big round ass. I told her I stayed a little later because I decided that it would be my last night as a regular and said I was all hers from now on. She's everything I want. I know that now.

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  • I love size differences.

  • I'm a Chubby woman 35 40dd t***, if I go out and fancy a f*** I always get one. Often the men are married but regularly with younger men. I'm experienced and submissive to sexual requests. I suppose I'm just a fat S*** but I do enjoy my s** life

  • Seriously dude? There is no comparison. Skinny chicks are simply second class in bed. They are boney angular and frail. I guess if you like the idea of grinding your d*** against her pelvis bones then go for it. LMAO.

  • I'm the opposite. My wife is very skinny and into fitness and nutrition. She's obsessed with it to the point that I've really gotten sick of it. I would prefer her to be fat, and I think it made me develop an attraction to fat girls. I love to see fat girls at the gym who look like fatter versions of my wife. I managed to find her fat twin. Same hair and similar face shape. They're the same height and even wear almost the same workout clothes. But this girl has a big round ass and huge t***. I've been having s** with her, and it's amazing. I want to have s** with more fat girls.

  • What if I cummed all over her face, would that get you hard?

  • My wife is skinny. I've always wanted to f*** a fat chick. Maybe we could swap.

  • I'm the 35yr old cubby poster above, you can f*** me, my huge t*** are saggy with big brown areola and fat nipples and a hairy ginger p****

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