Flashed my wife and her friend

We got drunk while at the cabin this past summer, My wife and her friend were fooling around and decided to skinny dip, They got naked and went down to the water in their towels, I followed a minute or two later, they were already in the water and a few minutes later both got out, It was dark and I couldn't see much other than the outline of their chubby butts jiggling as they giggled and snuck back up the shoreline, I snuck up to where my towel was and felt around, Of course it was gone, I whispered to my wife "Yeah ok...Give me my towel, they both just giggled and snuck up to the deck, I could see them standing there as I hid behind a tree and said to my wife, "C'mon, towel please", She whispered back "Oh come on, you aren't shy", I am in decent shape and have a pretty big c***, not huge but reasonably big, the whole situation was a bit exciting and I was hard already, I told her "Last chance, towel please", She dangled it in front of her and whispered "here it is, Come get it" There was a single light on in the kitchen so I could see them quite well as they giggled thinking they were funny, I stepped out from behind the tree, C*** standing straight up and walked up the steps into the light, my wife giggled out loud and her friend covered her mouth, Eyes wide looking right at my c***, My wife laughed and tossed me my towel, I tossed it over my shoulder and walked right between them, As I did my wife smacked my ass and her friend said "Holy s***, Apparently the water isn't that cold", I went into the bedroom and my wife followed, I tossed her on the bed, Spread her legs and started f****** her, I whispered in her ear "Why don't you invite #&%$@ to join", She punched me in the chest and said "f*** off", I hammered her and rolled over after blowing my load.
Nothing more was said about it but I am pretty sure her friend enjoyed the show.

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