Potential relationship+FWB

I currently have something going on with a classmate of mine and he is interested in us being in a official relationship of sorts. I like him and care for him. However, I have for almost a year or so been in a "friends with benefits" arrangement with my best friend.
*My best friend and I started out as more than friends, yet not a couple, as I did not have romantic feelings for him. (I consider myself a gray-aromantic). We were normal friends for a while then started our arrangement. Plan is, we stop once it gets serious with someone for either of us. He knows about my classmate.*
My classmate, or the guy I am "dating" knows about my arrangement, however he doesn't know that it is with my best friend, as I have not told anyone about it. He also thinks I have stopped.
I know what I am doing is wrong and I should stop what I have with my best friend. But. I don't feel ready and I don't understand why. Does this mean my feelings for the guy I'm seeing are not real?

Dec 24, 2016

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  • It is possible to love several people for different reasons. Or maybe you just enjoy having s** with your FWB and love your classmate. It is possible to do both. That is why people swing and couples swap spouses, and why there is polyamory. What you are doing is not wrong as long as all the people involved know about it and nobody is getting hurt.

  • I agree x

  • Thank you(: you are absolutely right

  • Don't stop..get along..with the music on n on ..move it move it..just move it move it ;)

  • Haha best advice ever. Thank you cx

  • What the h*** is a gray aromatic????

  • A gray-aromantic experiences romantic attraction but not very often or not desire romantic relationships. Hope that's a clear explanation. (Stolen from google cuz I'm really terrible at explaining things. The confession serving as proof of that)

  • It could mean, you have stronger feelings for your best friend. You're best friends and f*** occasionally.

    It's a good recipe, for a relationship.
    It seems like, you're already within a relationship with your bestfriend.

    Possibly, pursue what you already have with your friend, instead of with your classmate.

  • But I already had my chance with my best friend and.. I really want him to find himself a girl. I don't feel any jealousy or hurt when he tries to get with other girls.

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