Not ashamed of who I am

I was born into a white upper income household. My family is conservative about many things, and quite liberal about others. As children we attended private schools and for university we attended private schools.

There are many people who rant at me, try to make me feel that I am worthless because I 'never had to work for anything'. I work, believe me I work, and I have real responsibilities. See I work for my family's business and we are responsible for over 2000 people's well being, their income, if that is not responsibility, then what is?

Nothing comes our way that we do not work for. It is unfair to be born rich. It is also unfair to be born talented, or beautiful, or tall or thin, or powerful. But it is more unfair if what we were born with we did not use.

We are not in favor of a government that 'takes' from the rich. That is fraud. If we add up everything we pay in direct and indirect taxes, and we asked you to pay your fair share, you would immediately rebel. We are overtaxed, not undertaxed. If you can't see that, then it tells me that you are not really qualified to comment.

So, we will continue to work, to provide jobs for over 2000 families, to make money, and to invest money with the goal of providing even more jobs and making more money. If that formula annoys you, then look forward to being unemployed, because without that formula you will be.

Apr 6, 2017

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  • Proud to be Libertarian larva, are we?

  • Who cares! Just be you and live your life, however you see fit! So what if you are privileged? That means you're in a position to help people more, if you choose to.

    People that are less privileged, will possibly begrudge you, but they shouldn't. People shouldn't judge. For all we know, your parents could've been poor working class people, who worked their a**** off, to ensure their children had more privileges than they had.

    If that's the case, what's wrong with that? Every parent should want those things, for their children.

    There's a difference between - being privileged, humble and charitable/
    and privileged, entitled and f****** spoilt! Which ones are you?

  • Yay you?

  • I was born into a upper middle class family. Never wanted for anything. Private school, university, car.
    Yet here I am on confessionpost.
    Why would that be I wonder.
    Well image was all important to my parents. I always had to look perfect and be polite. To smile and talk politely.

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