I wish I never got pregnant

My boyfriend (who I live with, states away from my family and friends) is a musician. Two days before finding out I was pregnant, I came to the heart breaking realization that the things we want from life are incompatible. I never got to say anything to him, and now I'm stuck on the opposite side of the country from every one I care about, with a baby daddy who's planning to leave for tour two months before our baby is due. I am miserable and feel so alone, but feel like I have to pretend to be happy for every one elses sake. I just want to go HOME and move on with my life.


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  • Your priority right now is yourself and your baby.
    If he wishes to abandon ship, then so be it. Do what you feel is best for yourself, if you miss home - GO HOME.

    There is no reason to feel you must stay, you cannot please everyone and so focus on you!

  • What kind of dad has priorities like that? Going on tour so soon before the baby is born. Move.

  • Have an abortion

  • You have a lot to think about. But if nothing is holding you where you are, then move back. You're not married. It's great that this guy has a passion about music and living his dream; but it doesn't sound like you're on board. And a baby is not going to bring you two closer. Not sure where you are in your pregnancy, but you have some big decisions to make.

  • Then just do it!

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