Husband to got circumcised

After we had our daughter we decided we didn’t want any more children and he agreed to get a vasectomy. Having my preferences I got up the courage and asked him while there if he would be prepared to get the full package worked on and get circumcised for me at the same time as his vasectomy.

He took it seriously and after I explained why and said yes. Fast forward 5 weeks he’s recovering from his circumcision and vasectomy. He said after being there for my childbirth with cut, stitches and all the rest he thought it was his turn and take pride in himself showing commitment to his wife and make her happy. I'm just wow totally blown away by him.

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  • I hated my husbands fore skin of you want him to get snipped you have to make it obvious that you hate it. Hold his skin down as much as possible until he gets the message. After me doing that for a few months then I asked him to do it and he really did it I got to chose how tight it would be. Now his p**** is perfect.

  • My husband got "trimmed" at age fifty-eight because of a recurring infection. It wasn't covered by heath insurance and was quite expensive for the amount of time it took. We still enjoy s** on a regular basis and he doesn't feel any different during intercourse compared to when he was intact. It has however made f******* rather hard work for me.

  • If the wife prefers it and they are at that point in life as a couple definitely the husband should go for circumcision with the vasectomy.

  • I find this so sexual

  • Such a beautiful thing to do for a woman

  • Many of these comments make it so clear that it's MEN who are the real pu$$ies. "woa lady he got himself cut up 4 u now u owe him lotz of sexxx n stuff" OH MY GOD!

    The typical man wouldn't survive a week as a REAL woman (MtoF only get as far as the accessories, I'm talking hormones, the developmental years, menopause, the whole deal). Women are expected to deal with all kinds of crap and maintain pretty smiles, whereas men take one for the team ONCE and think they're owed whatever they want.

    What a bunch of prissy little fools.

  • Over 90 percent of all workplace fatalities are men. Men do virtually all the dirty dangerous stuff.

  • And they do it while being macho and stupid so their buddies don't think they're "weak" or something dumb like that. So what's your point?

  • Great! Not sure, but I think it may be easier to ask your husband to get circumcised after you're been married for at least a few years. It's probably a natural to ask him to have it done with a vasectomy. It does take courage to ask him to have part of his p*nis taken off, but the effort was well worth it your case, and I hope you are both very pleased with the result. Kudos to all women who persuade their husbands to be circumcised, or who have their sons circumcised!

  • I agree. IMO you should let your husband "enjoy" his foreskin for a few years before suggesting that he have it off. I would not go for an extreme circumcision. I think tight is fine, but leave at least a little band of inner foreskin, and a little bit frenulum.

  • I did the same, circumcision with the vasectomy. I know one other guy who did as well.

  • My husband was keen, agreed to it in an effort to please and got him in for a vasectomy and high tight circumcision. We’re both very pleased it’s also boosted in his confidence.

  • Tight is right! Glad you're both pleased with the result, and I wish you many happy years together.

  • Probably fairly common, or at least more common than most people think.

  • I think a lot of women get their husbands cut.

  • Men inherently want to please my husband did and was happy with me taking charge.

  • If your daughter gives you grandsons, make sure she gets them circumcised. A clean, thorough, routine infant circumcision (RIC), is always best, and saves a lot of trouble later on. On the other hand, lots of guys get snipped for their wives, probably a lot more than anyone thinks, and it can be a positive experience for both. If you're a woman, you may be amazed at the difference circumcision makes.

  • Nice story, thanks for sharing it. Circumcision has many advantages for the female partner.

  • Best if you can get your husband to have his foreskin taken off before you're married, but certainly better late than never. And ladies, you can prevent this scenario from being repeated in the future by having your sons circumcised at birth. Your future daughter-in-law really might thank you.

  • I wonder how many women want their husbands to get a circumcised, but are afraid to ask.

  • I am considering it at the moment. I started thinking my wife preferred it based on things we did in bed, ie always holding my foreskin back and one night in the throws of passions she admitted how much she prefers circumcised. I have had a consultation and making final decision but the doctor said a lot more adult men were now having it done for personal preference or their partners...said many wives did seem to prefer it so I think I will be getting the snip

  • I think its better for women to get their husbands circumcised, my husband thinks so of his circumcision and vasectomy.

  • Its probably better for women to get their husbands circumcised, my husband thinks so of his circumcision and vasectomy.

  • Hope he got a nice tight one.

  • My lovely wife controls our s** life .l wore a chastity cage for last 20 years and went 168 weeks without having s** with her . But I was f****** elsewhere,yes with the cage on and girls enjoyed , I got pleasure of shooting my load but without feeling of skin on skin .

  • I have asked for a cage years ago. She informed me that if a cage is needed then she is doing something wrong. At this point I do not have an “O” without her okay. I always ask and make sure I may “O” before going. I have one when and how she decides. It has been that way for years. We are happily married and loyal. She seems to believe the testicles need to get a bit tinder and sore before allowing an “O”. I have never told anyone this. I enjoy helping her “O” most. Mine are a special treat.

  • Sure you, sure you did. We believe you. Believe every word of it. After all, nobody would actually tell a lie here, would they?

  • Shut the f*** up with your lies!

  • Let me tell you it's not lies it was because our girls were growing up and when we f*** she is very vocal. She did not want me to start f****** other girls and lets face I would and did . So only speak up if you know the facts until then shut up . Or are you jealous,that it bet you are not married or got a regular girl friend. And you are not getting any and not by design. Have a nice day

  • My wife totally controls our s** life. often she makes me go several months without o*****

  • Yeah yeah, more lies!

  • Wives normally do control the s** life. That is why I fired my 1st one. She denied me as yours does. I have never been happier getting to have a couple big O's everyday with a wife that puts out.

  • You'd better suck that new d*** every night for him doing that

  • I'll have him every night. Believe me once he heals up I'll be on my knees paying respect to my husband going down and taking it doggy which is his favourite love every moment of this.

  • Now it's your turn to blow him away.

  • Make sure you have him reach around, when you're doing it d style.

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