Blackmail my step mother

My dad has to travel a lot for work. One day when he was any I came home early from school to catch my 38 year old step mother with another man. She didnt notice me so i taped them for a bit before i stop them. Since then i have shown her what i have on my phone and have being blackmailing her. Every time my dad goes away i get her to f*** me and my friends. I am 16 and love the idea of f****** her and watching my friends do her. Only this week i will make do a*** with us all and we are all not going to us condoms this time!!!!!

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  • You should record it. She can't really say no because of the clip you already have of her. That way you and your friends will have some nice fapping material, a memory for life and even more material to blackmail her with.

    Enjoy her ass. ;)

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